Facebook Customization

In the ever changing landscape of internet marketing, Facebook is quickly becoming the largest destination for consumers and advertisers. Facebook has over 400 million users with over half of those users logging into Facebook every day. With the growing popularity of Facebook, it is an ideal place for marketing a business, product or service. The best way for businesses to begin exploring the Facebook potential, is to create a custom Facebook Fan page specifically designed for your brand and marketing approach.

Well the good news is that while it is true that Facebook is an incredible resource, there are hundreds of companies, maybe even your competitors, creating Facebook fan pages in the same hopes of tapping into this resource. What do you have to distinguish yourself from your competitors? You try to stand apart from the crowd. Just like a professionally designed and developed website makes you stand out from your competition; the same rule applies on Facebook as there are more than 400 million active users.

Custom Designed Facebook Page

A Custom, Professionally Designed Facebook page can put your business ahead of the competition. Facebook not only provides your business access to hundreds of millions potential new customers, it also gives you input and insight on how your company is perceived by the marketplace. Facebook is all about an open dialogue with clients and prospects (not a monologue). This Social platform can enable your business to reach and connect with your audience at a more human level buy developing "Friendships".

Advantages of Custom Facebook Business Page

  • Facebook, can drive a significant amount of new traffic to your corporate website.
  • Unlimited amount of followers and people who "LIKE you.
  • Easily alert everyone of special offers, events and discounts.
  • Deploy and test new product campaigns and offerings at low or no cost.
  • Build long-lasting relationships with clients and prospects.

Facebook and Search Engine Optimization

From an Internet Marketing perspective, Facebook allows your content to be easily crawled by search engines enabling your business to enhance its online marketing reach. It not only becomes another marketing channel but it also enhances your company's web presence, reputation and SEO rankings.

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